Mum-to-be from Barking left ‘scared’ after test result mistake

Toyin Odusanya and baby Joel Oloruntimilehin

Toyin Odusanya and baby Joel Oloruntimilehin - Credit: Archant

A pregnant woman says she was left “scared and emotionally drained” after a midwife gave her incorrect test results which made her fear her baby could be left blind and deaf due to infection.

Toyin Odusanya, of Great Galley Close, Barking, was 36 weeks into her pregnancy when her midwife at Barking Birthing Centre, in Upney Lane, said her blood test results had found Group B streptococcus, which can cause the child serious sight and hearing problems – and in rare cases death.

After being told that she may need a vaccine during labour to cure the illness, Ms Odusanya, 34, requested a second test two weeks later and when the results came back all clear it was explained to Toyin that she had been given someone else’s results.

Barts Health, which runs the centre, has since apologised to Ms Odusanya for the “administrative” mistake.

Speaking on behalf of Toyin, her sister Bukky Oregbemi said: “Had we not requested the retest and took the vaccine, anything could have happened.

“She (Toyin) was so scared and emotionally drained from receiving the results it took a toll on her.”

Due to their unhappiness at the service provided, Ms Oregbemi took Toyin to North Middlesex Hospital, Enfield, where she gave birth to Joel on September 9, by emergency caesarean.

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Ms Oregbemi said: “We were due to have a meeting on Thursday with the midwife from the Barking Birthing Centre but no one came.

“We called the centre and they said the midwife would come back on Friday but they didn’t come again.”

Ms Oregbemi said she believed the midwife may have gone to another flat and added that when she called the centre they offered to come on Saturday but this offer was rejected.

A Barts Health spokesperson said this week: “One of our senior midwives has been in touch with Mrs Odusanya to apologise for the administrative failings that led to her being given an incorrect test result and to a midwife visiting the wrong address.

“A successful home visit has since taken place and further appointments arranged.

“We are satisfied the overall clinical care and safety of Mrs Odusanya and her baby was not compromised.”