New support group to help youngsters with diabetes in Barking and Dagenham

Clare Butler with her son Lewis, 13

Clare Butler with her son Lewis, 13 - Credit: Archant

The mum of a teenager who suffers from diabetes is setting up a support group to help youngsters with the condition.

Clare Butler hopes to organise activities for children and young people in the borough who are dealing with the everyday challenges that the condition brings.

Her son Lewis, 13, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two years ago and has to inject himself with insulin everytime that he eats.

“He has always said that he would like to make friends with other children who have the same condition as him because it can be hard for him to talk to me,” Clare, of Ivyhouse Road, Dagenham, explained.

“It affects every aspect of his life because he hasn’t got that freedom or lack of worry like other kids.”

Clare, who has won two awards for her fundraising for Diabetes UK, says the group will also offer support and information for parents too, including the implications of the new Childrens and Families Act law which states that schools must treat all children the same way.

“It’s a constant worry, it really is, everytime that he leaves the house - but you can’t stop them doing what everybody else does,” Clare said.

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“You have to make sure that he gets his prescriptions because otherwise it can be dangerous.”

She is set to meet with Barking MP Margaret Hodge next month to discuss the new law and how the borough intends to support diabetes sufferers.

For more information about the group, call Clare on 07411 572152 or email

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