OAPs remain at Dagenham home after Legionnaires’ Disease scare

Pensioners caught up in a Legionnaires’ Disease scare remain at a health centre in Dagenham nearly two weeks after being moved from St George’s Hospital.

The 14 patients, who are recovering from strokes and other ailments, are being treated at the Grays Court rehabilitation unit in John Parker Close, Dagenham.

They were moved from the Hornchurch hospital on October 18 after unusually high levels of the legionella bacteria were found in sections of the water system.

Other patients were relocated to Brentwood Community Hospital in Essex. But no one has contracted Legionnaires’ Disease, which triggers high fever and pneumonia and is potentially fatal.

St George’s Hospital remains shut while the water system is being cleaned.

An NHS spokesman said: “There have been no cases of Legionnaires’ disease. Remedial action at St George’s – including flushing and disinfecting of the water system is still taking place. Sampling and testing is also ongoing and is not yet complete.”