One third of Barking and Dagenham schools “face high pollution risk”

One third of the borough’s schools have been highlighted for being located within 150 metres of seriously polluted roads.

Green campaigner and London Assembly Member Jenny Jones’ new webpage ‘How polluted is my school?’ identifies 1,148 schools across London near roads travelled by 10,000 or more vehicles per day.

A three year study by researchers from across Europe indicates that children exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollution could be responsible for up to 30 per cent of all new asthma cases.

Jenny Jones is calling on the Mayor to do more to tackle air pollution.

The Green Party member said: “The Mayor has been dithering and delaying in introducing effective measures to tackle air pollution. That could mean that pupils who attend a school by a busy polluted road would be exposed to harmful levels of vehicle pollution during their school years. We need big ideas like reducing traffic by lowering fares, with improved public transport and cycling facilities.”

Her other suggestions include campaigning for no engine idling outside schools, introducing green roofs and plants at schools and locating outdoor play areas away from roadsides.

See which schools are included on the map here

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