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It's good to give up

It's good to give up - Credit: EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

Did your liver take a bit of a hitting over the festive period? Why not give it a break and take part in Dry January.

The challenge, which encourages people to give up alcohol for a month, is being backed by Barking and Dagenham Council.

The borough’s Community Alcohol Service will be holding information stalls on Wednesday next week at Becontree Leisure Centre from 11am to 1pm and Abbey Leisure Centre from 2pm to 4pm to provide help and support.

Barking and Dagenham has the fourth-highest rate in London for alcohol related mortality, with an average of 47 deaths per 100,000 population.

Cllr Laila Butt, cabintet member for crime and enforcement, said: “Dry January is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate our use of alcohol and in doing so achieve some health benefits including losing weight and improved sleep.”

The latest guidelines for alcohol consumption warn that drinking any level of alcohol increases the risk of a range of cancers.

Advice has lowered the weekly drinking limit for men from 21 to 14 units, the same as for woman, and recommends spreading intake over three or more days.

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Visit dryjanuary.org.uk