TV smear test for Dagenham mum in cancer awareness drive

Sharon Yallop, who had a smear test for an ITV awareness drive, with her son Lewis, two, and daughte

Sharon Yallop, who had a smear test for an ITV awareness drive, with her son Lewis, two, and daughter Bethany, seven - Credit: Archant

A mum-of-three diagnosed with borderline cervical cancer is calling on women to have smear tests after taking part in a TV health drive.

Sharon Yallop, 37, of Orchard Road, Dagenham, received her test results on ITV’s This Morning after volunteering for its No Fear Go Smear campaign, being picked out of thousands of women.

Speaking to the Post, Sharon says she now wants to promote the importance of screening to help other women, and to set a good example for her two daughters.

“I dodge my smear tests. I’m 39 and I’ve only been to one,” said Sharon. “I’ve got three small children.

“They’re going to soon be at the age when they’re going to need tests, and they’re going to think, ‘Well, mum never went, so why should I?’.

Sharon, who is deputy manager of a day nursery in Hornchurch, was filmed getting her results for the programme, and appeared live on the This Morning sofa to speak about her experience.

“I’ve got borderline cancer, as in my cells are turning into cancer cells,” She said.

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“It’s not so much the shock of what I’ve been told, it’s how could I have been so careless to leave it so long?”

The programme’s doctor passed on her information to her GP at the Broad Street medical practice so he can book in her next test.

Sharon has since started a Twitter and Facebook account, and has received messages from women saying they were inspired to book their own smear tests.

She said: “My message is, don’t ignore the letters. It’s only takes five minutes.

“It’s changed a lot from years ago. It’s not as unpleasant as it was, or as you think.

“You go to the dentist to get checked, you go to the opticians to get checked. People get scared for the dentist. It’s no different.”

She added: “I just don’t want anybody to get the news that I got. I want to promote it, because if I can just help one person, it will be worth it.”

Oliver Crocker, a producer on the show, said: “Sharon was so brave. She had not had a smear test for almost 10 years and has now showed ladies all over the country just how important it is to take part in the cervical screening programme.

“Sharon is now being checked every year and can put her mind at rest.”

You can follow Sharon on Twitter @Sharon_Yallop or use the hashtag #NoFearGoSmear for more information.

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