Company launches its first homes to rent in Barking

Barking town centre

Apo Barking is opposite Abbey Green on the banks of the River Roding. - Credit: Ken Mears

A business offering renters flexible tenancies has unveiled its first homes in the borough.

Apo Barking has 597 one and two-bedroom flats on the banks of the River Roding opposite Abbey Green.

Matthew Pullen, Apo's chief executive officer, said: “The opening of our first location in Barking is an exciting moment.

"We have listened closely to our audience and the concept of co-creating a lifestyle offering such as this was born as a direct result – addressing common concerns about renting, and helping create an easier and more enjoyable way of living.

Barking is the first neighbourhood where homes have become available under the scheme with Apo due to open more dwellings in Kew in 2021.

Renters should then be able to move between the two places as a result of the company's flexible tenancies. 

Apo aims to tempt renters with the promise of utility bills being wrapped up into one monthly payment along with other perks promoted on a members-only app.

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The Local hosts an events calendar, which includes details of things happening in the neighbourhood, and is home to the company's support team.

Free Wi-Fi, a handyman, gym, parcel delivery lockers and optional housekeeping are also among the perks.

A guest apartment should also be available to book for friends and family.

The site will also boast its own apiary with home-made honey; an on-site bike club and live music gigs. 

Studio flats start at £1,200 per month; one bedroom apartments start at £1,300 per month and two bedroom dwellings start at £1,585.

London-based Apo Group is a residential management company which helps institutional investors take advantage of opportunities in housing for families. 

The firm has an initial target to manage 10,000 homes across the capital and claims to have successfully delivered deals worth up to £400million with real estate investors. 

Mr Pullen said: "Our mission at Apo is to constantly evolve our offering by working closely with our members to bring fresh ideas to the table and adapt to their growing needs.

"We are all about inclusivity and putting the fun back into London living.”