Rent Like a Boss hosts want to bring a second series to east London

Tobias and Big V on Rent Like a Boss

Tobias and Big V on Rent Like a Boss. - Credit: BBC/The Connected Set

The presenters of BBC Three's Rent Like a Boss want to bring a second series of the show to east London.

Estate agents Tobias Alexander, from Stratford, and Charles 'Big V' Haward, from Barking, have also urged youngsters not to give up on their dreams of one day owning their own home.

Charles, sharing his top tip for buyers in 2021, said: "Young people write themselves off, saying 'I can't buy because I can't afford to'.

"When I ask them how much do you need, nine times out of ten people wouldn't know the answer."

"So many people write themselves off. It drives me crazy. You don't have to be a millionaire to buy a place. You just have to make a few sacrifices."

But the 28-year-old, who has clocked up eight years in the industry, advised people to stop treating estate agents "like a necessary evil".

"I get it, there are some real cowboys out there, just like in any industry, but if you make a real good relationship with a good agent there is a way through it," Charles said.

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Tobias explained how a lot of people are in a race because of the stamp duty holiday, but he advised buyers to take their time and make sure they do their due diligence.

"Don't just throw money at something. It's the same for renters. Don't just throw money at something because there's a bargain to be had.

"Take your time to think it through. If lockdown has taught us anything it's to take our time," he said.

The stamp duty holiday, which has been in place for properties below £500,000, has boosted the housing market but is scheduled to end on March 31 next year.

However, there have been calls from industry chiefs to extend it. Doing so could boost the UK's coffers, according to research commissioned by Kensington Mortgages.

Higher transaction volumes, increased property prices, household consumption, and housing market activity could generate between £2.3billion and £4.1bn, according to the analysis from the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

Big V and Tobias on Rent Like a Boss

Big V and Tobias travel across the UK to advise youngsters looking to rent. - Credit: BBC/The Connected Set

However, renters are the focus of Rent Like a Boss which sees Tobias and 'Big V' take a road trip across the UK to help young renters find homes and beat the housing crisis.

Tobias and 'Big V', who first met during casting and were picked for the show out of 8,000 applicants, take a different approach to property shows. They are aiming to become Generation Rent's answer to Phil and Kirsty.

"We're the closest representation to the average Joe which I quite like. I don't want to be an agent for the stars. I like to represent the people," Charles said.

Tobias explained: "The show is for an audience that isn't represented. In typical property shows you see well off, middle class people looking for a place in the country. 

"But not everyone has the money to jump on the ladder. More people are renting than ever before."

The four-part series, which is on iPlayer, has seen the pair - who confess to being passionate about property - visit cities including Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.

But they would love to bring the show to east London.

"Youngsters would love to see how possible it is to make a go of it in the big smoke," Charles said.

It's something he's done himself, moving to the capital "on a shoestring" and renting rooms in shared houses, but having recently bought in Barking.

"Mini-Manhattan they called it when they sold it to me. I thought that was a bit rich.

"But the scope of Barking is unbelievable. The money they are pumping into here is insane," Charles said.

Tobias, an agent with seven years worth of experience, rents in the Olympic Village area of Stratford which has seen levels of regeneration now beginning to take off in Barking.

"It's a thriving community. There's so much here. It's a great place to be," the 30-year-old said.

What can viewers expect from Tobias and 'Big V' in 2021?

Tobias said: "It would be cool to do a series where it shows the challenges of the housing market during Covid."

"Season two hopefully," Charles added. "It's not impossible to buy. I would love to do the same premise of the show but for getting on the property ladder."