Dagenham mum vows more acts of crochet kindness despite missing postbox toppers


Jade makes the toppers with her own yarn as well as materials donated to her. - Credit: Jade Ramsey

A woman whose crocheted postbox toppers brightened streets in Barking and Dagenham has vowed to continue to bring community cheer despite most of her creations going missing.

Jade Ramsey made 25 of the colourful decorations, with requests for 15 more.

However, only five are still in place, according to the full-time mum from Dagenham.


Of the 25 toppers Jade has created to date, only five remain in place. - Credit: Jade Ramsey

She said: "It is quite disheartening, but at least they made a few people smile in the short life they had. I'll finish the 15 before I pack it in. I won't disappoint. I'm very hard to deter.

"People have gone out of their way to ask me. I don't want to let anybody down. Without their support I would not be where I am now."

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Requests from the community poured in after the toppers started to appear in April. Jade's creations could be found in Hunters Hall Road, Ilchester Road and Hatfield Road, to name a few.

The craze started after a photo of one topper appeared on social media and took off with requests coming thick and fast from neighbours wanting to add some cheer to their streets.

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But the 25-year-old believes toppers only remain intact in Walnut Tree Road, Andrews' Corner and Woodward Road.

worry worm

Jade is making worry worms and scattering them across the borough for anyone who finds them to keep. - Credit: Jade Ramsey

Jade - who taught herself how to crochet - has now turned her hand to creating so-called worry worms in more acts of crochet kindness.

Along with her young helpers - Jack, Bethany and Mollie - community-spirited Jade will scatter the handmade critters around Barking and Dagenham with a message which reads: "I'm not lost, I'm just alone. If I make you smile, please take me home".

Jade said: "I've found something new to do for the community. We're going out at some point this week to pop them about for people to keep.

"I don't want to give up. I'm moving on from the toppers, but still want to give something back to the community."

Crochet is a method of making textiles using a hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or other materials. The name is a French word which means small hook.

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