Jon Cruddas: 'Our sporting heroes have showed the best of Britain'

General view from outside the ground before the FA Women's Super League match at Chigwell Constructi

MP Jon Cruddas hopes the community will rally around Dagenham and Redbridge FC this season - Credit: PA

What a great summer of sport for the nation. England’s football team fought their way through to reach the final of the Euros, we saw brilliant performances from Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics and this week the Paralympics started.

Our sporting heroes have showed the best of Britain, united and striving for excellence.

The diversity represented in our teams mirrored a modern and confident nation that can overcome the challenges we have faced over the last two years.

Much in the same way as our NHS and care staff, teachers and other keyworkers who worked tirelessly to bring us through this dark period.

I contrast this spirit with the politically motivated who seek to drive divisions in our society, trying to pit communities that have so much in common against one another.

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These people are on the wrong side of history. Working to create unity is the way forward, because that is when Britain is at its best.

Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas.

Jon Cruddas wants government to value teachers, police, NHS and care staff - Credit: Andrew Achilleos

For this to come about we need government action, not just “levelling up” soundbites. That means valuing workers, ensuring greater employment security and rewarding teachers, police, NHS and care staff.

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It also means investing in our children’s education if there is to be greater long-term fairness.

In answer to the question “where’s the money coming from?”, it’s a matter of priorities. In recent months we have seen billions spent on contracts for unusable PPE and a “world-beating” track and trace system that was only world-beating in terms of its failings.

Moving forward, I will continue to lobby the government for the changes needed to rebuild Britain. Back to the sporting theme, I hope this will be a year for the community to rally around a Dagenham and Redbridge Football Club on the ascendancy.

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