Post letters: 5G masts, children, shops for homes, Korean War graves, Green London and flu jab

Phone masts at Andrews Corner, Dagenham. Picture: Google Streetview

Phone masts at Andrews Corner, Dagenham. Picture: Google Streetview - Credit: Archant

Letters, contributions and comments sent in from Post readers this week.

No consultation over 5G masts

Lynn Manning, Dagenham, full address supplied, writes:

Once again 5G masts are being erected without public consultation.

I think there are three masts in close proximity at Andrews Corner. During lockdown three masts were put up overnight along Green Lane when other businesses were threatened with prosecution if they operated. It could be they were put up in other areas.

The council claimed this was in order as they did not exceed a certain height and telecommunications were exempt from the lockdown.

It was claimed they are essential because we are having a huge centre built at Dagenham East that needs it. One wonders after the charade of Covid whether any jobs will be forthcoming if and when things get back to normal.

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Be First claim that 50 people were consulted. This could have involved merely 10 addresses. And yet a resident says there was no such questionnaire.

House prices are notoriously diminished when they are sited near electric sub stations. Aside from the health considerations this is a further worry to residents.

PM must change course on children

Tulip Siddiq MP, shadow minister for Children and Early Years, writes:

Millions of families face the prospect of losing their livelihoods because the government has lost control of the virus.

Its sink-or-swim plans for support could leave more than one million children at risk of going hungry over the school holidays.

Now is the time to act. Labour will not stand by and let families be the victims of the government’s incompetence. If Boris Johnson doesn’t change course, we will force a vote this week and give his backbenchers the chance to do the right thing.

Don’t lose shops to provide homes

Dr Alison Moore, Londonwide Assembly member, writes:

The Covid-19 pandemic is not the only threat to our high streets. Amongst the government’s proposals to overhaul our planning system are further attacks on our local shops.

The situation is already stark with the Centre for Retail Research finding that almost 14,000 shops across the country pulled down their shutters for the final time, this year alone.

Despite this, ministers have just pushed through an expansion of permitted development rights, enabling retail and office space to be demolished to give way to flats.

These proposals would also remove democratic control from councillors and bar local people from being able to formally object to these schemes which could permanently transform the face of our communities. Whilst permitted development projects now have to abide by minimum space standards, they still do not have to be set at an affordable rent or provide outside space for tenants.

More permitted development and the gutting of our high streets is not the solution to our housing crisis. The government must urgently have a rethink on this.

Tribute to those lost in Korean War

Brian Hough, Fields Farm Road, Hyde SK143NP, writes:

I am acting on behalf of the authorities at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery Busan South Korea, where over 800 British Servicemen are buried.

The authorities there wish to obtain photographs of those servicemen interred there,and, also of those who died but have no known grave (200+).

Copies of the photographs will be placed in the man’s records, and will also be displayed on the walls of the Cemetery Hall of Remembrance,for all time.

The following names are just a few of the young men from the Greater London area who gave their lives in the Korean War: L/Cpl Bryan H Milne, L/Cpl Ian J.F Carew, Pte Charles E Bailey, Surg/Lt Douglas A/Knock(RN), Cpl Joseph W Pentony, Rfn Albert E Tice, Cpl Richard Pegg, Pte Derek A Fisher, Sgt Robert A Donald, Lt Robert E Barrett(RN), Capt Ralph N Parkinson-Cumine(RM), Pte Donald A Anderson and Lt Robert Williams(RN)

Any family, or friend, who lost a loved one in the Korean War 1950-53, and wishes to take part in this project can send the photograph to me at the above address. If more details are required you can phone me on 0161 368 5622 or 07467037742. You can also email

Vote for a truly Green mayor

Sian Berry AM, Green Party candidate for Mayor of London, writes:

Heathrow Airport started action in the Supreme Court this month, challenging the decision to send government policy on airports back to the drawing board.

Greens in London celebrated when the High Court ruled in February that the climate emergency made policies to support a third runway incompatible with new government commitments to prevent runaway global warming. The idea that the greed of one business should override all our futures in this way is outrageous.

But also outrageous is the current mayor of London’s continued support for the expansion of Gatwick Airport. Climate change doesn’t care which runway emissions come from, and Sadiq Khan’s claim to be the ‘greenest mayor ever’ falls apart while he keeps supporting new runways in this way.

My colleague in the London Assembly, Caroline Russell, has repeatedly challenged the mayor over this hypocrisy, and we’ll continue to hold him to account.

We are calling on all Londoners who want real climate action to join us in calling on Sadiq Khan to ignore the lobbyists and change his mind on Gatwick, and if he refuses to vote for a real Green mayor in May 2021.

Free flu jab if you have diabetes

Roz Rosenblatt, London Head, Diabetes UK, writes:

Diabetes UK is urging everyone with diabetes to take up the offer of a free flu jab through their local pharmacy or GP - this year more than ever.

Getting the flu jab is the best way to protect yourself against the flu and reduce your risk of needing to go into hospital which is highly important because of Covid-19.

Data from Public Health England estimates that almost one third of people aged 16-65 living with diabetes in London are missing out on their jab and are therefore at risk of developing serious complications if they contract flu.

If you’re living with diabetes, you’re more at risk of getting the flu and, if you catch it, it can make your diabetes harder to manage and cause your blood sugar levels to rise dangerously high. This can lead to acute complications, which can may go unrecognised, and can even be fatal.

That’s why it’s essential that everyone at high risk of serious illness from flu gets vaccinated as soon as possible – especially as it can take up to two weeks for it to be effective. Without it, flu can also develop to pneumonia or bronchitis, which might require hospital admission.

For more information about diabetes and flu, please visit the Diabetes UK website

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