From the chamber: Council has big plans for the future

Council leader Darren Rodwell asks residents to embrace the festive period safely. Picture: Be First

Council leader Darren Rodwell reminds people that the council is there to support struggling residents - Credit: Be First

2021 could not come any sooner. The new vaccine developed by our scientists gives us hope life will return to normal, but it will take time to roll out and it’s vital we keep on our guard until then.

Last year was one of the most difficult anyone can remember.

Whether you work or are at home, whether you are a parent, or whether you are worried about your family and friends, everyone has been affected by Covid-19. 

We have lost too many residents and we mourn their loss. Thousands have lost their jobs. But despite all this we are still here as a community and we have been reminded of the important things in life.

For those who are worried about the future, we will do everything we can to make sure your family have one - whether it is building new homes local people can afford or bringing hundreds of jobs to the area through London’s biggest film studios. 

We have got big plans and we have been working hard during the pandemic to make sure the future is brighter for everyone.

If you are lonely or self-isolating, we have support for you from our BDCAN or ring the council on 020 8215 3000.

I look forward with hope that we will be together again. However, my plea to every resident is, even if you do not feel ill get a test. 

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Covid-19 has spread more quickly recently. You do not have to have the symptoms to have it. Make sure you and your family are safe because we want to see you in 2021.

On that note, can I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.