Barking and Dagenham Council to crack down on people who drop litter

The council is planning a series of visits to transport hubs to speak to people who they see dropping litter, including smokers who throw their cigarette ends on the floor.

The aim is to educate people about the fact that dropping litter is an offence that can be punished by a fixed penalty notice fine of �75.

Later in the year there will be further enforcement measures, with fines handed out to the culprits.

A council spokesman said: “Small cigarette ends are still classed as litter.

“As well as creating an eyesore, they are difficult and time consuming to clear up and contain toxins that pollute the environment.”

According to environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, more than 30 million tonnes of litter is picked up from Britain’s streets every year, costing council tax payers �858million.

Robin Payne, the council’s divisional director of environmental services, said: “We know that residents hate to see litter and that’s why we are taking this step to target people who create the problem.

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“Our aim is to remind people of the law and to explain to them that they can, and will, be fined for dropping litter.

“Later in the year we will be going out and issuing fines to people who are caught flouting the law.”