Barking pupil, 11, is marched off bus and fined �80

A primary school pupil was left in tears after landing a bus fine for leaving his free travelcard at home.

Marcus Fadina, 11, was escorted off a double decker to meet waiting police at a bus stop near Barking Park.

Marcus said he forgot his Oyster card when he swapped his school uniform for a Red Nose Day outfit before a Sports Relief fundraiser last month.

His mum Marissa, 30, is calling on Transport for London to quash the �80 fine as her son is entitled to free transport.

But TfL said he should have carried his free Oyster card, which can be taken from pupils who misbehave on buses and trains.

Marissa, of Longbridge Road, Dagenham, said: “Marcus came home crying. He was very distressed.

“They had police officers and PCSOs.

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He turned 11 in November. He got scared, he thought they were going to arrest him.”

Ticket inspectors questioned Marcus in Longbridge Road near Barking Park after he left St Margaret’s CoE Primary in North Street, Barking, on March 23.

Marissa went to confront the ticket inspectors after her son came home in tears and was told she could appeal against the fine.

She lodged an appeal on March 26 but it was rejected. She submitted a second appeal on April 12 and was waiting for the outcome this week.

A TfL spokesman said: “Young people are only permitted to travel for free if they are in possession of a valid Zip Oyster photocard. Otherwise, they must pay the correct fare.

“Carrying and validating a Zip Oyster photocard is the only way a member of staff can be sure if a young person is permitted to travel for free or whether they have had their access to concessionary travel suspended due to a breach of the behaviour code.

“A bus driver may issue a vulnerable or distressed passenger with an unpaid fare notice which will permit them to travel and pay later within five days. In this particular case the Independent Appeals Service have turned down the penalty fare first stage appeal as the passenger was not holding any type of valid ticket for travel, including an unpaid fare notice.

“TfL are still awaiting a second stage appeal and will review the case if a second appeal is submitted.”