Barking and Dagenham’s councillors vote in favour of raising allowance payments

Barking and Dagenhams councillors outside the town hall. Picture: Andreas Grieger

Barking and Dagenhams councillors outside the town hall. Picture: Andreas Grieger - Credit: Archant

Councillors have voted in favour of raising their allowances.

At a full council meeting last night (Weds), councillors agreed to the rises, which will see leader Darren Rodwell receive £10,000 more a year and councillors an extra £1,000.

A review concluded that an increase in workloads, responsibilities, and complexity of tasks meant councillors should receive larger payments.

Councillor Dominic Twomey, cabinet member for finance, said: “Decisions like this aren’t ever taken lightly. It’s right to point out not only the robust debates we’ve had about this, but also that many of us do this work wanting to improve this community. The work councillors do is key when you weigh up the pros and cons.

“It will never be popular, we accept that, but we also have to accept the work that goes in every day, with many councillors working from morning to night. We enjoy making changes and being part of a legacy, but it does come with a time and resource cost.

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“This is not a raise where other councils will be looking at us and thinking, we wish we were Barking and Dagenham. This is about recognising the hard work and time given up by councillors.”

The changes will come into effect today (July 19).

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