Dagenham firms against plans to save 16 metre tree

Businesses have protested against council plans to �protect a 16 metre high tree growing in an industrial area of Dagenham.

The council wants to put a tree preservation order on the lime tree, which stands outside Abbey Quilting in Selina’s Lane, that would prevent the company from cutting it down.

But in a report, which will go before the council’s development control board tonight, three firms in Selina’s Lane say the tree could damage property, reduces the visibility of road users and causes flooding by dropping leaves into the gutters and blocking them.

Abbey Quilting claims keeping the tree will mean it cannot turn the area in to a car park, which could affect the company’s plans to let a part of its building.

The council, however, says the tree cannot cause damage to property as it is four metres away from all buildings, does not reduce visibility of road users and reduces flooding �because it cuts the amount of surface water run-off.

It also says Abbey Quilting will need to make a planning application for the car park, after which the council will consider if the tree should be removed.

See our website tomorrow to find out whether the order was approved.