Dagenham MP backs Labour version of Big Society

Dagenham and Rainham MP Jon Cruddas is working to launch a Labour version of the Big Society.

The prominent backbencher told delegates at the party conference in Manchester his party “missed a trick” when David Cameron unveiled a policy based on compassionate Conservatism.

Mr Cruddas told a fringe meeting the Big Society had collapsed in the economic downturn and indicated the Labour-led policy he is helping formulate would seek to rebuild Britain, the economy and politics.

The Labour MP said: “There was a compelling story there by David Cameron and it was a way of rebuilding the language around compassionate Conservatism and civic duty.

“We criticised that and we had a cold language. We didn’t inhabit those spaces. So we’re setting up some work programmes to do precisely that and build our own version.”

Meanwhile, MP for Barking Margaret Hodge, who is chair of the Public Accounts Committee, spoke about public services during a progress breakfast.