Dagenham store receives six-week licence suspension after counterfeit wine found

The council’s licensing committee suspended the licence of a Dagenham shop last night after counterfeit wine was found on the premises.

The owners of Bennetts Castle General Store, however, plan to appeal six-week suspension of its premises licence.

The shop on Bennetts Castle Lane was visited in April this year as part of a Borough wide inspection programme.

A total of 21 wine bottles were identified as counterfeit due to labelling and bottle marking discrepancies.

The bottles, three labelled as Jacobs Creek Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, six as Jacobs Creek Shiraz, six as Jacobs Creek Merlot and six as Jacobs Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, were seized for evidential purpose and examined by the Brand Protection holders, Pernod Ricard.

Shop owner, Mr Krishnamenan, who claims he purchased the bottles from Cash and Carry’s, was asked to show a copy of receipts with regard to the purchase of the bottles, however, receipts for the Jacobs Creek Cabernet Sauvignon were not produced.

Mr Krishnamenan said after the ruling:

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“The decision will be appealed, I am disappointed that the licensing authority have not considered the receipts that I provided as being proof that I purchased the 21 bottles from a wholesaler.

“I have over 3,000 bottles of alcohol and they found three on the shelves that were alleged to be counterfeit from the wholesaler and three in the store room that have been alleged to be counterfeit.

“I will be defending the shops reputation for being a good business. I have over 226 signatures from local residents supporting my shop and I ask them to continue to support me during my appeal.”

Following Mr Krishnamenan’s appeal, he will be able to continue business as usual and trade until the final decision of the magistrates.

Representing him was Mr Dadds of Dadds Solicitors, he said: “We are confident we can persuade the magistrates that the decision is wrong. There have been no further breaches or compliant issues regarding the shop.”