Homes on Barking green land get go-ahead despite petition

Homes will be built on green land in front of Webber House, in North Street, Barking

Homes will be built on green land in front of Webber House, in North Street, Barking - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Councillors have agreed plans to build 14 homes on green land despite a petition signed by 117 residents opposing the proposals.

A total of 13 two-storey and one three-storey houses could now be erected on the green in front of Webber House, in North Street, Barking, after Development Control Board members voted through the measures by eight to six on Monday night, with one abstention.

The mix of 12 one-bedroom and two dual-bedroom affordable rented houses will be built with 14 accompanying car parking spaces, but the plans received three objections, including a petition from the Whiting Avenue Residents and Tenants Association.

Chair of the group Sue Parkin said: “It’s right next to a main road so you can’t play a game of rounders or badminton, but it’s a buffer for us.

“I appreciate there is a housing shortage but I can’t see why there’s needs to be 14 homes built right on top of where we live.

“Parking is already a problem and that’s only going to continue to get worse.”

But Dave Mansfield, the borough’s development management manager, insists the development will actually benefit the surrounding residents.

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He said: “The car parking spaces will be available for the nearby residents, with the exception of two allocated blue badge spaces, so will actually help those already living there.”

A 30-year-old North Street resident, who asked to remain anonymous, was left frustrated by the decision, which will involve chopping down trees.

“It’s really gutting to hear but this isn’t the end,” he said. “We’ll find a way of stopping this going ahead one way or another.

“It’s dangerous, you can’t fit a fire engine down there as it is because of the parking and there’s going to be noise disturbance.

“The residents don’t want anything being built on the green – the council are just thinking about number one.”

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