One in five still unsure which way they’ll be voting

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A significant proportion of Barking and Dagenham’s vote in May’s General Election is still up for grabs, a survey by the Post can reveal.

With less than a month to go until the nation goes to the polls, almost one in five of those who took part in our online election questionnaire said their vote can still be swayed.

Meanwhile, almost half say they expect to vote differently to 2010, when the majority of the seats were secured by the Conservatives and a handful by the Liberal-Democrats in what was a disastrous night for Labour.

We asked visitors to our website a handful of key questions about the election, their vote and issues that matter to them and some 110 people responded, 57 per cent male and 43pc female.

While 60pc said they were 100pc certain who they’d vote for, 17pc said they “had an idea but my vote is still up for grabs” and four pc that their “vote is definitely up for grabs”.

Those 21pc of currently undecided votes could become crucial on May 7 to determine which parties do best and take control of the government.

Only 20pc said they believed the coalition government has had a positive impact on their life since 2010, while 60pc said it had had a ‘negative’ impact.

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The figures also suggest prospective MPs need to do make more of an effort to get out on the streets of Barking and Dagenham.

Just ten per cent said they had received a visit from a candidate, with 89pc saying that they hadn’t.

And 4pc said they didn’t even know who their old MP was.

When asked what issue mattered to them most, immigration clearly came out on top with 48pc of the vote, followed by economy (10pc).