‘Pedestrian crossings do not help blind people’

Pedestrian crossings in Barking and Dagenham are among 347 in London criticised for being inaccessible to blind and partially sighted people.

Four crossings were included in a list, published by London Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon, which, she says, either have no tactile rotating cones and/or sound. One of the four, in London Road/North Street, Barking fails national safety standards by not providing the minimum amount of time for pedestrians to safely cross the road.

A Barking and Dagenham Council spokesperson says the London Road/North Street signalised junction is to be changed substantially when the new development is completed.

She added: ‘Almost every set of signals in this borough is managed by Transport for London with whom we have an excellent relationship. There are ongoing programmes of modernisation which will ensure that all of our facilities are fully compliant.”

Ms Pidgeon, said: “It is a total disgrace that London has so many pedestrian crossings which are inaccessible for blind and partially sighted people or fail to give enough time for pedestrians to safely cross the road.

She said pedestrian safety had been given low priority by London Mayor Boris Johnson.