‘Racist remarks’ hearing stopped

RACIST remarks allegedly made by former BNP councillor Bob Bailey will not be investigated further by the council’s Standards Committee.

The far-right party member, who lost his Alibon ward seat in the May elections, will no longer have to attend a hearing over comments about Nigerian churches it was said he made at a Development meeting.

It was alleged he said there were “too many” Nigerian churches and the borough “didn’t want that amount of black children”.

He claimed to have visited one of the churches and said he saw people eating off the floor, the complainants said.

The Standards Committee decided not to pursue the matter as Mr Bailey is no longer a borough councillor, which brought into question whether an investigation was in the public interest and a rightful use of public money.

Mr Bailey has accepted the proposal by the council to suspend the hearing indefinitely, a sub committee meeting heard last Friday (September) 16.

A letter has been sent to the four complainants to inform them of this decision.

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The case has been going on since March 26 this year when Mr Bailey was initially reported to the committee for breach of the councillors’ Code of Conduct.