Romanians living in Barking warned that they face removal from the UK


- Credit: Archant

Eight Romanians have been warned that they face being removed from the UK after being issued with immigration papers.

Three men and five women living in Barking have been found not to be exercising their treaty rights and ordered to report to the Home Office within 30 days.

The borough’s Safer Transport Team worked with the Home Office Immigration and Enforcement team to visit addresses in King Edwards Road, New Road, Alfred Gardens and Lyndhurst Gardens earlier this month.

Targets of the one-day operation included people known to be engaging in crime across the capital.

Seven further Romanians were told to report back for a further interview to establish whether or not they are exercising their treaty rights.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Where foreign nationals with no permission to be in the UK refuse to return home voluntarily we will take action to remove them. This includes those from within the European Economic Area who have been in the country for longer than three months and are not working, studying or self-sufficient, as required by EU law.”

People who have been removed from the country will not be able to return for 12 months following changes to the law introduced in January.