Travellers move back to Central Park in Dagenham

Eviction notices: The travellers first moved to Central Park in November 2012

Eviction notices: The travellers first moved to Central Park in November 2012 - Credit: Archant

Evicted travellers are continuing to defy the authorities by moving back and forth between open spaces in Dagenham.

The group arrived at Eastbrookend Cemetery on November 1 but relocated to Central Park in Dagenham after being served an eviction notice two weeks later.

They then moved back to Eastbrookend in the country park car park near Dagenham Road but were evicted and have again settled down at Central Park in Rainham Road North.

Yesterday, Dagenham Rugby Union Football Club played a home game away in Woodford following the arrival of the group near their ground.

Barking and Dagenham Council said the travellers had been able to move back to Central Park without breaching the original eviction notice because they had chosen a different location at the open space.

A council spokesman said: “A group of travellers arrived in the car park of Central Park, Dagenham, next to Dagenham Rugby Club on the afternoon of January 9.

“We have begun the process of applying for an eviction order through the courts and hope to have this as soon as possible.”

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The Labour council added that its official travellers’ site situated at Eastbrookend Country Park could not accommodate the group as the facility is full.

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