London 2012: Five million spectators go to Olympic Games’ venues

More than five million spectators have been to see the Olympic Games in person at venues across London.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) confirmed the figure today, and said the Olympic Park alone had seen more than one million visitors since the Games began, including huge crowds in the Olympic Stadium.

The committee also said around 300,000 people watched sport in city centre locations yesterday, and that an estimated 60,000 spectators watched this morning’s women’s triathlon event in central London.

LOCOG chairman Sebastian Coe said: “The most pleasing part of the first week of the Games has been feedback from athletes and team officials who have said they have rarely, if ever, witnessed sport that has been so well presented, attended or so compelling.

“Our vision has always been to stage Games for the athletes, and we are thrilled that we have been able to deliver an electrifying and uplifting experience and environment for the best athletes of the world.”

Paul Deighton, CEO of LOCOG, said: “My overwhelming feeling is one of pride. I’m very proud of the show the UK is putting on, of the tremendous performance of our athletes and I’m very proud of my team which has given its heart and soul to these Games over the last seven years.

“I am also very proud of our brilliant volunteers who seem to be having an extraordinary impact on everyone they meet. The stars of the Games so far are the athletes and we are delighted to give them the stage to shine on, but they are telling us the stars are the crowds – their passion and the atmosphere they are creating is just incredible.”