'Love Island promo' spotted filming in Barking

pink flamingo

A giant, inflatable pink flamingo perches in the middle of the shopping arcade as the film crew gets to work. - Credit: TikTok/@londonseen_

Love Island has filmed a promotional video in Barking.

The filming - which programme maker ITV has not confirmed - was in Farr Avenue and came a day after a man was found stabbed in the same street on the Thames View Estate.

A film crew and models were spotted on Tuesday, May 11, hours after the 20-year-old was found by police with stab wounds to his back and shoulder. 

One clip on social media network TikTok shows a woman dressed in a bright red catsuit smashing a glass box with a wooden mallet at the entrance to the parade of shops.

The woman, who appears to be the programme's host Laura Whitmore, drew a crowd of onlookers.

model and film crew

In one clip a model dressed in red is seen smashing what looks like a defibrillator box. - Credit: TikTok/@londonseen_

An inflatable pink flamingo, palms, red phone box and 4X4 with "love" on the side were also on a corner of the Thames View Estate to mimic an exotic holiday destination as the filming took place.

Some of the show's iconic wheeled suitcases were on the pavement as well.

The filming at the Thames View estate has fuelled speculation over who could feature in this year's line up.

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One TikTok user wrote in all capital letters they "can't wait for Love Island", while a second commented: "This means there [is] definitely a new series."

Another joked: "Love Island getting filmed in Barking, best thing I've seen all year lol."

The filming followed the attack on Monday, May 10 with police called to reports of the stabbing at 9.15pm. 

A spokesperson for the Met Police said: "The victim was taken to hospital where his injuries were deemed non-life-threatening and non-life-changing."

Enquiries are ongoing and no arrests have been made.