Students hang up messages of hope around Barking and Dagenham

A student ties up a message of hope.

A student ties up a message of hope. - Credit: Barking and Dagenham College

Barking and Dagenham College students have tied messages of hope around the borough in a bid to help those struggling with mental health.

The notes include uplifting and encouraging quotes as well as contact details for the Samaritans, in case the finder wants or needs to seek further help.

The messages were put up by members of the college's Prince's Trust team as part of a project on mental health awareness.

Luna Bokombe, 19, said: “We wanted everyone to understand that they are not alone.

"There are other people out there experiencing the same thing and if you need it there are organisations that can help.” 

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Jessica Roos, Prince’s Trust assistant team leader, added: "It was the students who came up with the idea to put messages around the borough and I think it is a fantastic way of creating a spotlight for mental health.  I’m really proud of them.”   

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