iPhone users should check this one setting on their devices to avoid being charged this month. 

Apple devices give users instant access to a whole world of apps covering everything from news and well-being services to games and entertainment.

Whilst many of these applications are completely free - some are only free for a period and come with a costly monthly or annual subscription and others involve premium in-app purchases.

Amid the rising cost of living, many people can't afford these extra services - that they might not even use or realise that they have in the first place. 

Barking and Dagenham Post: Check your settings on your iPhone to avoid being charged on unwanted subscriptions. ( Canva)Check your settings on your iPhone to avoid being charged on unwanted subscriptions. ( Canva) (Image: Canva)

That being said, iPhone users can do one small check on their devices to avoid any unnecessary or unexpected charges and here's how.

How to check your subscriptions on your iPhone

For full guidance support on how to cancel subscriptions on your iPhone, Mac or iPad, visit the Apple website.

  • Open your iPhone and click the Settings icon
  • Select your profile and the tip of the Settings list
  • Click the Subscriptions options option in the menu

This is where you will see the full list of services and in-app purchases that you subscribe to.

From there, you can tap and cancel any services that you don't use or want to pay for.

You will continue to have access to the app until the new billing date but you will not be charged on the following month's bill.

TikTok user explains the iPhone settings you should change to avoid being tracked

@letsdodiz Turn off these iPhone settings for safety privacy tracking and spamming #iphone #iphonetips #iphonetricks #tipsandtricks ♬ original sound - MILAD

iPhone users who want to avoid being tracked or avoid being targeted by hackers have also been told to change their settings.

Most websites and apps anonymously track your activities, mostly so they can support personalised advertising targeting you.

However, there are features on your Apple iPhone many don’t know about which could stop your activity being tracked.

A TikTok from MILAD reveals how to stop your browser from tracking you while searching the internet on your phone.

He said: “Things I bet you didn’t know your phone could do, go on settings then click on Safari.

“When you go on here, go all the way down and you are going to turn off 'Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement' for tracking, so no more tracking.”

MILAD also warned public WiFi was “always dangerous” and showed viewers how to avoid joining unsecured WiFi.

He said: “Unsecured WiFi is always dangerous so on your Wifi click on 'auto join hotspot' and click on 'never'."