Are you jetting off on holiday this summer? If you’ve planned a trip abroad, you might be wondering if your passport is still valid and how long it lasts before you’ll need a new one.

If you’re in need of a new passport, you can check how long it will take to receive one via the government website.

It’s important you check your passport well in advance to avoid disappointment before your holiday.

How long does a passport last?

An adult passport lasts for 10 years while a child's passport needs renewing after five years.

UK passports have the issue and expiry dates printed on the main page of the passport (the page that has your photo and details) and is shown to border force when leaving and entering countries. 

You can find out more about renewing or getting your first passport via the government website.

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Check the expiration date on your passport

Before you plan a trip, check the expiration date of your passport because although it might not have reached its end date, it might still prevent you from travelling to your destination.

Most countries only need your passport to be valid for the duration of your time there including Australia, Canada and the US, according to the Post Office website.

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However, if you’re travelling to countries such as China, Thailand, Egypt and Turkey, your passport will need to be valid for six months at least.

Before you plan your trip, make sure your passport’s issue date is less than 10 years before the day you are due to arrive in the EU and check that the passport’s expiry date is at least three months after the day you intend to leave the EU.

Generally, countries which you need a visa for will need a validity of at least six months on your passport when you enter.