Aldi is bringing back a "nostalgic" discontinued biscuit in January that has not been seen on UK shelves for around two years.

Elkes Sports Shortcake Biscuits were a favourite for kids growing up in the 80s, but were discontinued two years ago.

The biscuits - which featured different sporting activities, including cycling and cricket - were so popular a petition was started at the time by outraged fans labelled ‘Save the Fox’s Sports Biscuits!’ in a bid to get them back on shelves.

Discontinued Elkes Sports Shortcake Biscuits returning to Aldi - see when

Fans of the discontinued Elkes Sports Shortcake Biscuits have finally got their wish after Aldi announced on Tuesday (January 16) it would be bringing the popular product back to UK stores in January. 

Barking and Dagenham Post: See when you can get your hands on a packet of Elkes Sport Biscuits at Aldi.See when you can get your hands on a packet of Elkes Sport Biscuits at Aldi. (Image: Aldi)

An Aldi spokesperson said: "Remember the good old days, when a simple sprinkle of sugar on bread made the perfect lunch? Or those adored biccies back at school, washed down with a glass of cold milk?

"No need to reminisce any further as, this January, Aldi is stepping in to help revive nostalgic memories with the return of previously discontinued Elkes Sports Shortcake Biscuits."

Elkes Sports Biscuits will return to Aldi stores across the UK on Sunday, January 21, 2024.

The 200g packets of Elkes Sports Biscuits will be available for £0.79.

Elkes Sports Biscuits aren't the only discontinued product to return to UK shelves this month (January).


Caramac Bars returned to B&M stores earlier this month after being discontinued by Nestle in November 2023.

Nestle, at the time, said the decision to discontinue the popular caramal-flavoured bar after 64 years was due to falling sales. 

Elkes Sports Shortcake Biscuits (200g) will be available in Aldi stores across the UK for £0.79 from Sunday, January 21.