A kitchen expert has revealed a way to solve an issue that has caused annoyance for many people with regard to their dishwashers.

The appliance is a mainstay of most homes as it cuts costs by jet washing your dishes and cutlery in double-quick time.

However, it can be slightly annoying to have to wipe down mugs, cups, glasses and even bowls to get rid of the final bits of moisture before putting them back in the cupboard.

Eleanor Potter, head of strategic sourcing at Plumbworld, has offered a way for people to get around this issue.

Dishwasher hack to get cups and glasses dry

Speaking about the appliance, Potter commented: "Dishwashers are fantastic pieces of technology and are incredibly popular in modern kitchens up and down the land.

“Not only do they save you the effort of rolling up your sleeves and getting elbow-deep in soapy suds, they also save you money. That’s because they use less water and also cost less to heat the water they do use.

“But, like most things, they are not perfect. One of the main bugbears people have is that whatever is inside is often not completely dry when the cycle has finished."

She shared that there is a relatively simple way to "conquer" this issue if you want to get around it.

Potter explained: “Take a tea towel, open the dishwasher and slide it down, with one end sticking out. Then close the door leaving the tea towel hanging inside.

“Because dishwashers clean at high temperatures it is the residual steam that forms moisture as it cools down.

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“But a tea towel placed inside, even for 10 minutes, will ensure this steam is absorbed and your crockery is dry, so it can be placed straight back into the cupboard.”

She clarified: “There is one word of warning with the tea towel hack. Because you are opening the door and exposing the seal while the load is still hot, it could encourage a few nasties to form in there.

“This is straightforward to sort out with an old toothbrush and some soapy water. Give it a quick blast once a week to keep it clean and looking good.”