Shoppers have been left stunned after learning how to use a simple hack to unlock "hidden sales" at B&M.

TikTok user Nostalgia.2000s1 shared a video revealing the easy to follow hack which he described as B&M's "best kept secret".

He explained that by using a simple function on the B&M app shoppers can access the "best deals and the best bargains" when in store.

How to unlock "hidden sales" at B&M using simple hack

In his video 'How to use the hack to find hidden sales in b&m bargains' Nostalgia.2000s1 explains shoppers must first download the B&M app.

In the TikTok video he says: "This trick is so easy to do and you'll get so many bargains.

"So to start off you want to find what you're looking at on the shelf and you want to head to the B&M app, click skip and then at the bottom click the scan function. 

"Find the barcode of the item and the scan the item.

"So you've got to wait then for the app to load up but then this should show up (screen with details of the item).

"This is the price you'll pay when you get to the till with the item."

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The TikTok user then went on to show off some the bargains he found using the B&M app scanner while in store.

Some of the examples he showed included:

  • Barstool - was £22, reduced to £5
  • Window Vac - was £25, reduced to £10
  • Gaming station - was £30, reduced to £10
  • Slow cooker - was £15, recued to £6
  • Wooden ladder shelf - was £24, recued to £1


A B&M manager even confirmed the "hidden sale" prices from the scanner function are what you'll pay at the till and revealed the reason why they are sometimes different from what the tag says in store.

Commenting on the TikTok video, another user said: "I’m a B&m manager. The reason things on the shelf are a different price is because the ticket hasn’t been changed yet.

"We get a lot of price changes and some get missed. It will scan through the till."