Dearest reader, how well do you think you know Netflix's favourite Regency romance Bridgerton? 

Calling all debutantes and former rakes, it's time to put your knowledge of all things Lady Whistledown and the gossip of the Ton. 

The first part of series three dropped on the streaming giant on May 16 with the second part to follow on June 13. 

The new season is centred around the third Bridgerton brother Colin ( Luke Newton) and the queen of the quill herself Penelope Featherington ( Nicola Coughlan). 

What is Bridgerton series three about?

We enter the new season as Lady Featherington herself, Penelope Featherington, prepares to abandon her longtime crush on the charming Colin Bridgerton.

At the end of series two, we see Penelope heartbroken after overhearing a conversation between Colin and a group of bachelors at the Featherington ball. 

Already distraught that her identity as Lasy Whistledown has been discovered by her closest friend Eloise Bridgerton ( Claudia Jessie), Penelope then overhears Colin swearing he would never court her.

Although she's given up hope on a future with Colin, Penelope has turned her mind to marriage - particularly with a husband that will allow her to continue with a double life as the Ton's gossip columnist.

But as a shy and awkward wallflower, Penelope struggles to navigate the marriage mart.

Meanwhile, Colin returns from yet another summer of travel to find Penelope distancing herself from her. 

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To mend their friendship, Colin offers to help Penelope build her confidence and find a husband.

This is when things start to get complicated when Colin begins to realise his true feelings for Penelope and his lessons start going too well for his comfort.

As we dust off our dance cards and prepare for Queen Charlotte's scrutinising eye, we've pulled together the ultimate quiz that will put even the most determined Mama through her paces.

So, have you been studying your Lady Whistledowns? Do you know your waltzes from your quadrilles? Put your knowledge to the test.

The questions will quiz your memory of all the drama of the Ton from the beloved books the series is based on to the Bridgerton family themselves.

Quills at the ready! Good luck...

Take our Bridgerton quiz

How did you get on? See the breakdown of your scored below and let us know how you did in the comments.

  • 8 - 10:  You really are this season's Diamond
  • 6-7: Well done! You've been studying your Lady Whisteldowns
  • 4-5: Nice try, better luck next season!
  • 0-3 : It's time to binge-watch Bridgerton again!

Bridgerton series three part one is out Thursday, May 15 with part two to follow on Thursday, June 13.