This week EastEnders will face major disruption to its usual schedule on the BBC due to Euro 2024, which won’t be a shock for some.

The tournament kicked off last Friday but over the next few days, the soap won’t be airing on its regular BBC channel because of clashing with some of the championship matches.

Although viewers will still be getting all the gossip from Albert Square Monday to Friday at 7.30pm, EastEnders will be moving to a different channel throughout the week.

This might be good news for some fans as sometimes when the football is on, an episode can be removed from the BBC schedule completely.

Let’s take a look at this week’s schedule and find out where and when you can expect to hear the latest duff duff’s.

When is EastEnders on this week?

  • Monday, June 17: 7.30pm-8pm on BBC One
  • Tuesday, June 18: 7.30pm-8pm on BBC Two
  • Wednesday, June 19: 7.30pm-8pm on BBC Two
  • Thursday, June 20: 7.30pm-8pm on BBC Two

As normal, you can watch each episode on BBC iPlayer from 6am, Monday to Thursday.

Confirming the news on X, @bbceastenders posted: “#EastEnders is on @BBCOne, tonight 7:30pm and on @BBCTwo, Tuesday-Thursday at 7:30pm. You can also watch right now on @BBCiPlayer!”

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Why is EastEnders not on BBC One?

EastEnders will be moving to BBC Two on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week due to three Euro 2024 fixtures on BBC One instead.

On Tuesday, Gary Lineker will present coverage of Group F match between Portugal and Czechia from Leipzig Stadium in Germany (kick-off 8pm).

Wednesday will see Gabby Logan present coverage of Group A match between Scotland and Switzerland from Cologne Stadium (kick-off 8pm).

Finally, coverage of the Group C match between Denmark and England from Frankfurt Arena will be shown from 4pm until 7.30pm (kick-off 5pm).

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from 7.30pm.