Plans for April 3, 2009

BROOKLANDS WARD – P0253.09 - perimeter fence, 2a Pettley Gardens, Romford. P0292.09 - Demolition of industrial building and erection of 3-4 storey residential buildings to provide 103 flats with associated parking and landscaping works, Spring Gardens Bu

BROOKLANDS WARD - P0253.09 - perimeter fence, 2a Pettley Gardens, Romford.

P0292.09 - Demolition of industrial building and erection of 3-4 storey residential buildings to provide 103 flats with associated parking and landscaping works, Spring Gardens Business Park, Spring Gardens, Romford.

M0002.09 - Installation of 10m high telecommunication column and antennae (overall height 11.4m) and radio equipment cabinet and steel, galvanised Lucy AC pillar, land adjacent to Como Street car park, adjacent to St Edwards Way roundabout, Romford.

P0273.09 - Amendment to previous application P0664.08 - 202 London Road Romford.

P0294.09 - Single storey rear extension and outbuilding, 136 Mildmay Road, Romford.

CRANHAM WARD - P0201.09 - Pitched roof to existing side extension - 5 Engayne Gardens, Upminster.

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P0213.09 - Single/two storey front and side extensions including front balcony. (Amendment to P1856.07), Lindisfarne, 117 Hall lane, Upminster.

P0247.09 - Demolition of existing garage. Construction of new single storey side garage. Extension to kitchen and new sloping roof to kitchen and utility room, 19 Deyncourt Gardens, Upminster.

P0276.09 - Conservatory to side of existing property and canopy to rear entrance, 1 Plain Tile Cottages, Bird Lane, Upminster.

P0302.09 - Single/two storey side extension, 32 Chelmer Road, Cranham.

P0285.09 - Single storey extension to provide plant/workshop and laundry facilities, Romford Halal Meat, Folkes Lane, Upminster.

P0298.09 - Side dormer window, 1 Ashburnham Gardens, Upminster.

P0375.09 - Rear dormer window, 7 Chipperfield Close, Upminster.

P0322.09 - Conservatory to rear of property, 64 Laburnham Gardens, Cranham.

P0320.09 - Single storey side and rear extensions. Single storey side and rear extensions. Single storey extension to front of existing garage, 7 Ashburnham Gardens, Upminster.

P0299.09 - Single story rear extension and alterations and additions to the first floor front side and rear dormer windows, 38 Holden Way, Upminster.

P0250.09 - Two storey side and rear extension and single storey rear extension, 29 Dorkins Way, Upminster.

ELM PARK WARD - P0179.09 - Single storey rear extension, 332 Brentwood Road, Romford.

EMERSON PARK WARD - P0151.09 - Two storey front extension, two storey side and rear extension, single storey rear extension and balcony, 34 Barleycorn Way, Emerson Park.

P0223.09 - Removal of condition 10 of planning permission P2379.07 to enable use of flat roof as a balcony or roof terrace, Heywood House, 17A Burntwood Avenue, Emerson Park.

P0234.09 - Change of use of site for the display and sale of timber buildings, The Moorings, Southend Arterial Road, Hornchurch.

P0347.09 - First floor extensions and conversion and raising of roof with front and rear dormer windows. Single storey front and rear extension and front porch, 19 Ernest Road, Hornchurch.

P0317.09 - First floor rear extension, new shop front and external alterations, 47 Butts Green Road, Hornchurch.

P0290.09 - Two storey rear extension, 7 Curtis Road, Hornchurch.

P0258.09 - Roof alteration including new pitched, hipped roof with front and rear dormers; remodelling of all elevators, including new windows and doors, front boundary wall, railings and gates and internal layout changes, 31 Parkstone Avenue, Emerson Park.

P0304.09 - Outbuilding, 22 Tyle Green, Hornchurch.

P0331.09 - First floor rear extension and hipped to half hipped roof and rear dormer window, 40 Brookside, Hornchurch.

P0255.09 - Front and rear dormer windows, 6 Hazelmere Gardens, Hornchurch.

P0296.09 - Demolish existing bungalow and erect new 5five-bedroom house, 21 Herbert Road, Hornchurch.

P0264.09 - Single storey rear extension, 100 Cranham Road, Hornchurch.

P0150.09 - Amendment to P1907.08 planning permission to include swimming pool enclosure to rear and single storey front/rear extensions, 25 Elm Grove, Hornchurch.

GOOSHAYS WARD - P1942.08 - Retrospective, wooden smoking shelter, Harold Hill Community Centre, Gooshays Drive, Romford.

P0271.09 - Two semi-detached three bedroom houses and one detached three bedroom house, garage site at Penrith Road entrance between 8 & 10 Penrith Road, Harold Hill.

P0252.09 - Two storey side extension - 9 Broseley Road, Harold Hill.

HACTON WARD - P0243.09 - Conversion of garage into bedroom, 1 Chiltern Gardens, Hornchurch.

P0241.09 - four air conditioning units, 35A Maylands Avenue, Hornchurch.

P0333.09 - Two storey side and front extension and single storey front, side and rear extensions, 15 Calbourne Avenue, Elm Park.

P0335.09 - First floor side extension and garage conversion, 289 Goodwood Avenue, Hornchurch.

P0018.09 - Two storey side and rear extension, loft conversion with dormer window and outbuilding staff room, 103 Suttons Lane, Hornchurch.

P0365.09 - Hip to gable and rear dormer window, 16 Connaught Road, Hornchurch.

P0332.09 - First floor side extension, 37 Ingrebourne Gardens, Cranham.

HAROLD WOOD WARD - P0027.09 - Single/two storey side and rear extensions and change of use to child care facility - 142 Squirrels Heath Road, Romford.

P0233.09 - Redevelopment of commercial workshop/bodyshop for residential use, erection of 27 apartments (Demolition of Existing Buildings), 65 Gubbins Lane, Harold Wood.

P0257.09 - Single storey front extension, 42 Woodlands Road, Harold Wood.

P0287.09 - External alterations to include the demolition and rebuilding of the existing rear extension; the installation of a new shopfront, new doors, new windows, new 2.4m high security fence, new wire mesh cycle enclosure including cycle stands for six bicycles, two condenser units and steel security bollards, 11 Station Road, Harold Wood.

P0262.09 - Single storey front extension, 112 Faringdon Avenue, Harold Hill.

A0014.09 - Erection of signage comprising of new facia board and illuminated signage including: illuminated identity sign, LED lighting strip and internal LCD information screen, 11 Station Road, Harold Wood.

HAVERING PARK WARD - P0249.09 - Conversion of existing garage into a habitable room, 6 Ascension Road Collier Row.

P0297.09 - Single storey rear extension, 27 Burland Road, Romford.

HEATON WARD - P0360.09 - Single storey rear extension first floor front extension and rear dormer window, 2 Smart Close, Romford.

HYLANDS WARD - P0189.09 - Change of use from florist shop to takeaway/eat in sandwich and snack bar and extraction and ventilation ducting - 222-224 Hornchurch Road Hornchurch; P0206.09 - Single storey rear extension - 34 Osborne Road Hornchurch; P0316.09 - 1 No. dwelling - Land adjacent to 55 Broadstone Road, Hornchurch; P0316.09 - Erection of 23 sheltered residential apartments - 165-171 Hornchurch Road Hornchurch

MAWYNEYS WARD - P0242.09 - Single storey rear conservatory, 236 Cross Road, Collier Row.

P0361.09 - Single storey rear extension, 3 Victory Way, Collier Row.

P0272.09 - Variation of condition 9 of planning permission P0425.92 to extend hours to 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm on Saturday and 10am to 4pm hours on Sundays, Bank and Public Holiday for both viewing and selling purposes, Romford Mazda, 299-307 Collier Row Lane, Romford.

P0295.09 - New front entrance porch and roof canopy, 96 Percy Road, Romford.

A0016.09 - Installation of internally illuminated fascia sign and projecting sign, 21 Collier Row Road, Collier Row.

PETTITS WARD - P0203.09 - Single storey side/front extension, 83 Beauly Way, Rise Park.

C0002.09 - Conservation Area Consent for demolition of existing house - 71 Main Road, Gidea Park.

P0348.09 - Extension to existing storage outbuilding in rear garden, 82 Pettits Lane, Romford.

P0327.09 - Change of use to A5 (takeaway) and extraction flue to rear, 136 Collier Row Lane, Romford.

P0268.09 - Single storey rear conservator, 150 Parkside Avenue, Romford.

P0280.09 - Hip to half hipped roof and front and rear dormer windows together with single storey rear extension, 47 Clyde Way, Romford.

P0256.09 - Outbuilding to provide private workplace and utility facilities, 19 Greenock Way, Romford.

P0200.09 - Single storey side/rear extension, 96 Pettits Lane, Romford.

P0158.09 - First floor front extension, 73 Main Road, Romford.

P0130.09 - Double hip to gable and front and rear dormer windows, 2 Mead Close, Romford.

RAINHAM & WENNINGTON WARD - U0004.09 - Change of use to Nature Reserve. Enhancements of landscaping to allow further public access to land north of A13, Rainham Marshes, Ferry Lane, Rainham.

U0006.09 - Continuation of use as a licensed hazardous waste transfer station, 24 Salamons Way, off Ferry Lane South, Rainham.

P0350.09 - Replacement and widening at existing walkway including associated lighting, two new outdoor play areas, benches and iron mongery and brick screen and gates, Viking Way, Walkway, Rainham.

P0319.09 - Construction of a 'links' style golf course, club house, car parking and ancilliary facilities using treated indigenous and imported materials, Moor Hall Farm, land east of Launder's Lane/New Road, Rainham.

U0007.09 - Relocation of main site entrance offices and associated infrastructure, Rainham Landfill Site, Coldharbour Lane, Rainham.

ROMFORD TOWN WARD - P1908.08 - change of use from A1 (shop) to A4 (Wine bar) and external ventiliation/extraction flue, 57-63 London Road, Romford.

P0211.09 - Installation of two louvers and external clock on front elevation, Romford Shopping Hall, 33 Market Place, Romford.

P0277.09 - Erection of two four bed dwellings and nine contained flats, land rear off Romford Express, Oaklands Avenue, Romford.

P0346.09 - Single/two storey side/rear extensions and front and rear dormer windows, 19 Oaklands Avenue, Romford.

P0355.09 - Addition of security grilles to all existing windows, new canopy above main entrance and new glazed door to replace existing timber door and bricking up of doorway, Havering Museum, 19-21 High Street, Romford.

A0022.09 - Two projecting signs and two wall mounted advert displays, Havering Museum, 19-21 High Street, Romford.

P0284.09 - Loft conversion with rear dormer and conversion of garage into lounge, 16 Brunel Close, Romford.

P0269.09 - Single and two storey rear extension, 27 Repton Avenue, Romford.

P0278.09 - Single storey front, side and rear extensions, 51 Carlton Road, Romford.

A0008.09 - Proposed double sided billboard, Car Park at rear of Lidl Store, Atlanta Boulevard, Romford.

P0281.09 - Change of use of garage into store room and external alterations, back of temporary library, 32-34 High Street, Romford.

SOUTH HORNCHURCH WARD - U0003.09, Temporary storage of spoil arising from development of adjacent site, land at Courier Road, Dagenham.

P0356.09 - Demolition of 86 residential units (existing blocks 1, 2, 7, 16 and car park) and erection of 121 new residential units in three blocks accessed from Lowden road and/or Walden Avenue. Erection of an energy centre and formation of landscaped area. Erection of three electrical substations, The Mardyke Estate, between Roman Close and Walden Avenue, Rainham.

P0363.09 - Single/two storey side and first floor rear extension, 28 Frederick Road, Rainham.

P0321.09 - New garage in rear garden, 33 Sunningdale Road, Rainham. P0282.09 - First floor rear extension and single storey rear extension and front dormer windows, 118 Frederick Road, Rainham.

SQUIRRELS HEATH WARD - P0261.09 - First floor front extension over existing porch, 150 Birch Crescent, Hornchurch.

P0263.09 - Single storey extension, 51 Fairholme Avenue, Gidea Park.

P0270.09 - Demolish existing bungalow and erect chalet bungalow (amendment to application ref. P1503.08), 13 Balmoral Road, Romford.

ST ANDREWS WARD - P0289.09, Change of use to temporary hand car wash, land rear of 189 High Street, Hornchurch.

P0341.09 - Single storey rear extension, 72 Bruce Avenue, Hornchurch.

P0345.09 - Two storey front extension and single storey rear extension, 7 Diban Avenue, Elm Park.

P0349.09 - Change of use to tattoo and body piercing studio, 5 Station Lane, Hornchurch.

P0369.09 - Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and front porch, 12 Keswick Avenue, Hornchurch.

A0021.09 - Replacement fascia and projecting sign, illuminated, Alliance Boots, 171 High Street, Hornchurch.

P0336.09 - Translucent screen, 123 Abbs Cross Lane, Hornchurch.

P0328.09 - External timber staircase, 28 Grey Towers Gardens, Hornchurch.

UPMINSTER WARD - P0202.09 - Single storey rear extension, 41 Ashvale Gardens, Upminster.

P0330.09 - Single storey rear and side extension, 116 Argyle Gardens, Upminster.

A0018.09 - Replacement free standing location identification sign, illuminated, Claynes House, Clay Tye Road, Upminster.

A0020.09 - Illuminated projecting sign, 46 Corbets Tey Road, Upminster.

P0288.09 - One dwelling (for use with nursery), Forest View Nursery, St Mary's Lane, Upminster, North Ockendon.

P0291.09 - Two storey front extension, extension to garage and first floor rear extension, 295 Corbets Tey Road, Upminster.

P0378.09 - Erection/installation of new steel external staircase to proposed rear entrance, 187 St Mary's Lane, Upminster.

P0326.09 - Retention of front gable roofs to 52 and 52A, and rooflights to side and rear elevations, 52 Brookdale Avenue, Upminster.

P0366.09 - Single storey side extension, 13 The Meads, Cranham.

P0334.09 - Single storey rear extension, 108 Sunnyside Gardens, Upminster.

P0266.09 - Single storey rear extension, 29 Brackendale Gardens, Upminster.

P0251.09 - Single storey extension, 5 Huntsmans Drive, Upminster.

P0212.09 - Two storey side extension, Coopers Company & Coborn School, St Mary's Lane, Upminster.