Plans for April 10, 2009

Planslww16 BROOKLANDS WARD – P0420.09 – Two storey side extension and single storey rear extensions – 88 Pretorial Road, Romford; P0405.09 – Single storey rear extension – 223 Marks Road, Romford. CRANHAM WARD – P1893.08 – Three storey lift extension t


BROOKLANDS WARD - P0420.09 - Two storey side extension and single storey rear extensions - 88 Pretorial Road, Romford;

P0405.09 - Single storey rear extension - 223 Marks Road, Romford.

CRANHAM WARD - P1893.08 - Three storey lift extension to main entrance, remodelling of surrounding area and provision of a canopy - Hall Mead School, Marlborough Gardens, Upminster;

P0419.09 - Creation of first floor and front and rear dormer windows - 15 Sunnycroft Gardens, Cranham;

P0387.09 - Two storey side, rear and front extensions. Single storey front and rear extensions. Loft conversion including rear dormers and increase in roof height - 51 Holden Way, Upminster.

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ELM PARK WARD - P0401.09 - Installation of two single storey temporary units to provide four classroom spaces on the site of Dunningford Primary School.

EMERSON PARK WARD - P0416.09 - Two storey rear extension with rear decking - 13 Hill Crescent, Hornchurch;

P0392.09 - Proposed new dwelling - Land adjacent to 15 Freeman Way, Emerson Park;

P0286.09 - Erection of railing along boundary - 1a Sylvan Avenue, Hornchurch;

P0344.09 - Two storey side extension - 12 Freeman Way, Hornchurch;

P0383.09 - Single storey rear/side extension, 74 Brookside, Hornchurch;

L0004.09 - Listed building application for the erection of railing along boundary - 1a Sylvan Avenue, Hornchurch.

GOOSHAYS WARD - P0388.09 - Two storey side and rear extension - 179 Gooshays Drive, Harold Hill;

P0391.09 - New customers extrance/exit, new shop front and new air conditioning system - 10 Farnham Road, Romford;

PA0024.09 - Illuminated fascia sign and illuminated projecting sign - 10 Farnham Road, Romford;

P0384.09 - New hard surfacing to form external play area with seating and external sunshade on timber supports - Pyrgo Priory School, Settle Road, Harold Hill.

HACTON WARD - P0314.09 - Two front dormer windows - 18 Vaughan Avenue, Hornchurch.

HAVERING PARK WARD - P0002.09 - Demolition of existing storey rear structures (including the removal of three trees), and erection of a new rear single storey extension, and structural alterations to combine No. 21 and No. 23 Clockhouse Lane, to form a new refurbished Boots Local Pharmacy, and all associated works including retaining wall, palisade fencing and gates, ramps and balustrading - 21-23 Clockhouse Lane, Romford;

P0421.09 - First floor side extension - 10 Victoria Avenue, Collier Row;

P0389.09 - First floor side extension - 88 Dominion Drive, Collier Row; P0425.09 - Replacement of existing porch - 12 Ashvale Gardens, Collier Row.

HYLANDS WARD - P0417.09 - Entrance porch, single storey front extension, two storey side and rear extensions and rooms in roof space with two dormers to rear elevation - 36 Harrow Drive, Hornchurch;

A0019.09 - Non-illuminated front signage - 300 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch.

MAWNEYS WARD - P0204.09 - New shop front - 21 Collier Row Road, Collier Row;

P0406.09 - Proposed cladding of front elevation of building - 83-99 Hainault Road, Collier Row.

PETTITS WARD - P0422.09 - Two storey side and single storey rear extension - 102 Parkside Avenue, Romford;

P0424.09 - Two storey side extension, part single, part two storey rear extension and single storey front extension - 21 Seymer Road, Romford;

P0408.09 - Demolition of existing house and construction of a new detached house - 209 Main Road, Gidea Park;

P0338.09 - Single storey side extension - 304 Eastern Avenue East, Gidea Park.

RAINHAM & WENNINGTON WARD - A0015.09 - Flat oval sign on new shopfront with single projecting light fitting - 26 Broadway, Rainham;

P0407.09 - Change of use and erection of a building to form a MOT station - 17 Noakes Industrial Estate, New Road, Rainham.

ROMFORD TOWN WARD - P0418.09 - Change of use from amusement arcade (sui generis) to A2 (financial and professional services) - 9 South Street, Romford;

P0325.09 - New refrigeration roof plant. New extension to shopfront canopy, to match existing, existing Somerfield yellow fascias to be painted white - 218 St Marys Lane, Upminster;

P0371.09 - Two storey side extension front porch single storey rear extension - 227 Brentwood Road, Heath Park;

P0400.09 - Conversion of garage into a habitable room and subdivision of dwelling into two self contained apartments - 8 Surman Terrace, Princes Road, Romford;

P0390.09 - Erect two double temporary units, consisting of two classrooms and one single classroom with library space - Edwin Lambert School, Malvern Road, Hornchurch.

SOUTH HORNCHURCH WARD - P0044.09 - Change of use of former petrol station into hand car wash - 168 New Road, Rainham.

SQUIRRELS HEATH WARD - P0404.09 - Two storey side and single storey rear extension - 30 Balgoes Lane, Gidea Park;

P0385.09 - Single storey rear conservatory - 31 Crossways, Gidea Park.

ST ANDREEW'S WARD - A0079.09 - one illuminated projecting sign - 16 Elm Park Avenue, Hornchurch;

P0303.09 - Single storey side and rear extension - 54 Minster Way, Hornchurch;

P0300.09 - change of use from class D1 (Dentist) to Class A2 (Professional Services). - 98 North Street, Hornchurch;

P0381.09 - single storey rear extension - 296 Abbs Cross Lane, Hornchurch;

L0005.09 - Formation of utility room for existing ground floor bathroom, first floor area bathroom formed off of bedroom, formation of first floor dressing room and enlargement of existing ensuite WC provide shower room - Wykeham Cottages, 218-220 High Street, Hornhcurch;

P0423.09 - Replacement if existing garage into a habitable room - 4 Wray Close, Hornchurch.

UPMINSTER WARD - L0003.09 - Listed building consent for timber framed visitors centre - The Forest Centre, Broadfields Farm, Pike Lane, Cranham;

P0221.09 - Single storey side and rear extension - 5 Winchester Avenue, Upminster;

P0379.09 - Single storey rear extension - 80 Sunnings Lane, Upminster; P0224.09 - Change of use of ground/first floor store rooms to form a self contained flat - 160 St Mary's Lane, Upminster;

P0386.09 - Replacement of roof over existing extension and single storey rear extension - 15 Gaynes Road, Upminster;

P0374.09 - Single storey rear extension, front extension to garage and new porch, single storey to side - 6 Clayton Avenue, Upminster;

P0358.09 - Provision of two external disabled access lifts - Coopers Company and Coburn School, St Marys Lane, Upminster;

A0017.09 - New Waitrose signage in accordance with external signage - 218 St Marys Lane, Upminster;

P0318.09 - Vary condition 1 and remove or vary condition 2 from planning application P0519.03 (allowed on appeal 25-03-2004) - Railway Sidings, Ockendon Lane, North Ockendon;

P0380.09 - Conversion of existing conservatory to solid roof - 19 Meadow Way, Upminster.