Post People: Ex-Belgravia housekeeper turns to trustworthy tradesmen for vulnerable in Barking and Dagenham

Care business boss Philip Davey

Care business boss Philip Davey - Credit: Archant

Philip Daly, 51, has formed a new business to help vulnerable people based on his experiences with his 88-year-old mother and the particular skills he used as a Belgravia housekeeper of 13 years.

Care business boss Philip Davey

Care business boss Philip Davey - Credit: Archant

I run a start-up company called Household Helping Hands.

The firm primarily helps elderly people to have work done around their home by trusted tradesmen, including myself, to make sure they aren’t unfairly exploited.

I set up the company after leaving my job to care for my 88-year-old mother Phyllis, who has vascular dementia. Eventually I was forced to sell my home to pay for her to go into a care home.

I managed all aspects of my mother’s life while her full-time carer and it made me realise there must be other people out there in the same position who need the help of services they can rely on from trusted sources.

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I realised I had the skills to carry out most of the work myself, having worked for 13 years as a housekeeper in Belgravia, central London, where I managed a property belonging to a wealthy Korean shipping dynasty.

The property was in Chester House and the late Margaret Thatcher had lived on the estate.

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I managed every aspect of the property. If they had a dinner party, I would arrange silver service through an agency. If they left the country, I would help supervise any building works in their absence.

Before going into housekeeping I worked as a merchant banker, so I also know a thing or two about figures.

I thought I could use my skills to help the vulnerable. It’s primarily aimed at the older age group but it is for anyone who needs someone they can trust in the house.

I offer my services in a wide range of roles. I will do the cleaning and gardening, house-sitting and shopping, attending appointments and anything they need. I work in blocks of four hours to make sure the job gets done.

If I can’t do the job myself, I also run a Tradesman I Can Trust scheme which comprises a group of five trusted tradesmen who can, and who will, charge a fair price.

The company is there to enable elderly people to have a better quality of life, to take the worry and uncertainty out of having people around the house when there’s work to be done.

I believe there’s a real need for a service to help people maintain their independence with a trusted professional. After a couple of months setting up contacts I’m ready for my first clients.

• Contact Philip Daly at or call 07947 787 212 to find out more

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