Reader letter: Iconic church needs more support

Chadwell Heath Baptist Church is set for a revamp.

Chadwell Heath Baptist Church is set for a revamp. - Credit: Ken Mears

Dr Leonard Restall B Ed, M Ed (Hons), New Zealand, formerly from Barking, wrote to the Barking and Dagenham Post about Chadwell Heath Baptist Church.

The need to preserve historical buildings such as churches is given in last week’s Post. It will therefore provoke much feeling and discussion of the value of remembering the history of the past. 

For many people, the present is the one that counts and the past is gone.

To ignore the past is a certain remedy to carry on making the same mistakes. But is that true?

We are products of our past both for good and bad and it is a part of our legacy to appreciate the benefits and to learn lessons from it and any deficits that can be avoided in the present. 

The wide appreciation of such buildings such as St Paul’s Cathedral would be practically universal and therefore becomes a liability for the nation to preserve it.

The local historical buildings have an equal need to be remembered rather than be removed and this should be supported by the local council.

But the redevelopment of the Chadwell Heath Baptist Church is different (Post). It may be historical because it was built many years ago but that does not mean that it is redundant and purposeless.

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It is a current church still providing much beneficial service to the community and maintaining a spiritual influence within the community so it is vital to be preserved and to receive council support. 

The mention of several councillors showing concern gives optimism that help may be on the way.

There will have been many people blessed by this church over the years and this is not intended to cease but could increase so the improvement of the buildings and facilities needs to be maintained. 

Any local icon needs help to maintain it as an icon worthy of keeping.

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