Kittens dumped in Barking 'like rubbish' in 35C heatwave


Cleo (l) and Clove (r) were found abandoned on the side of Tudor Road in a cat carrier on Monday, July 18 - Credit: RSPCA

Two kittens were abandoned in Barking during the heatwave. 

The RSPCA were called because two nine-week-old kittens had been dumped on the side of Tudor Road in a cat carrier on July 18. 

A member of the public had spotted the pair - a tricoloured female called Cleo and a black male called Clove - and taken them to safety before contacting the charity for help.  

Animal rescue officer (ARO) Siobhan Trinnaman came to the kittens' rescue and took them into RSPCA care, where they were taken to the Essex South West branch.  


The male kitten called Clove - Credit: RSPCA

Siobhan said: “Sadly, these two young kittens were dumped like rubbish and left out in 35-degree temperatures.  

“They were limp and dehydrated and in desperate need of care.  

“The kind member of the public who spotted them brought them home, gave them some water and some shade before calling us, which may well have saved their lives.” 

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When the duo arrived at the RSPCA branch, they were despondent and limp, but after some care from the cattery staff, they started to regain strength.  


The female called Cleo - Credit: RSPCA

Siobhan added: “We understand that pet owners may be going through a difficult time at the moment with the cost-of-living crisis putting a strain on people’s finances, but there is never an excuse to abandon an animal like this.  

“Leaving them out in a heatwave is just cruel."

It comes as the charity launches its Cancel Out Cruelty campaign.  

Siobhan said: “This comes as the RSPCA sees a rise of animal cruelty over the summer months with 245 reports of cruelty every day. And with 21 reports of animal beatings a day - nearly one beating every hour - the charity is braced for a summer of suffering. 

“With the increase in pet ownership and the cost-of-living crisis putting a strain on people’s finances, we fear we may see more animals being cruelly abandoned.” 

Cleo and Clove are described by the RSPCA as “chatty and playful kittens who love playing with their toys and climbing”. 

Once back to full health, they will be rehomed by the branch.

Anyone with information about  Cleo and Clove's abandonment should contact 0300 123 8018.