Second Dagenham river may be restored after praise for Mayes Brook work

Work on the country’s first climate change park has been praised by the London Assembly ahead of its completion.

Restoration of the Mayes Brook river which runs though the park was mentioned in a report titled For a Rainy Day as a good example of river restoration in the capital which could help to alleviate flood risk.

The river runs through a concrete channel, which is being transformed into a more natural river course, while lowered banks will provide a flood plain area where water can collect before draining away.

Barking’s Mayesbrook Park is currently being turned into Britain’s first climate change park.

The �1million makeover will see new trees, better footpaths, a play area, footpaths, better signage and sports facilities.

Cllr Bert Collins, Cabinet Member for Culture and Sport, said: “The Mayesbrook Climate Change Park is a UK first and we are proud to have it in our borough.

“Improving our green spaces is an important tool to tackle the challenges posed by our changing climate.” It is also hoped to restore the Gores Brook through Parsloes Park, Dagenham, he added.