Steve Allen: 'I'm Inspired by Matt LeBlanc'

Stock photo of bikinis for sale at Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Steve Allen on body image and wearing a bikini - Credit: PA Images

Summer has hit us fast and hard. Somehow I went from needing a hat to keep warm to needing a hat to stop the top of my head burning. When bikini season arrives this fast I feel no shame in admitting I am not beach body ready.

Maybe we should all be like Kate Winslet. The Mare of Easttown actress said in an interview she refused to have her belly airbrushed during one of the show’s sex scenes.

I don’t think I’d be so brave. I’d like to be airbrushed in my real-life ones. I was hoping Google Glass would be successful and someone added beauty filters to them.

Steve Allen.

Steve Allen will not be taking a trip around the moon anytime soon - Credit: Steve Allen

Kate also wanted the promotional photo of her to be left untouched by the graphics department, saying “we’re starved” of seeing natural faces.

If you wanted evidence that she’s right, you need look no further than the Friends Reunion. Everyone I have talked to about that show has comments on how much work the cast have had done.

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Jennifer Aniston has had the pressure of having to look good in the movies. Courtney Cox looks great but as one friend said to me: “Looks like she goes to Michael Jackson’s doctor.” Ouch.

Matthew Perry looked and sounded like a very useful nerve in his face may have been nicked by a surgeon.

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The one who looked best was Matt LeBlanc. Yes, he had gained a few pounds and invested them in Greggs but he looked so natural. He must’ve known he was doing the show and yet he didn’t dye his hair or crash diet.

I have a guest spot coming up on the new channel GB News and I was about to cut out carbs but Kate and Matt have convinced me, we are fine just the way we are.

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