View from a comedian: Apology? It’s just a shift in emphasis...

Steve Allen says 'slight shift' on working from office, now home, is "a 180-degree turn".

Steve Allen says 'slight shift' on working from office, now home, is "a 180-degree turn".

Here we go again. It seems like only last week we were being told to get back to work.

That’s because we were being told that last week. This week we’re being told to work from home.

Michael Gove was interviewed on TV and he called it a “slight shift in emphasis”. It wasn’t that long ago we were told that if we didn’t get back into the office we might be easier to sack. Now they’re telling us to work from home again.

It’s less of a slight shift of emphasis and more like a 180-degree turn.

I’d love to see Michael Gove commentating on rally driving. He would excitedly tell us about the moment the driver pulled up the handbrake as he went round the corner, performing a stunning slight shift in emphasis.

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Even if this coronavirus hadn’t happened, working from home should be allowed anyway.

We don’t have to be facing a global pandemic to find a way to spend less of our lives in traffic.

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The real problem is that home-workers don’t pop into a coffee shop to spend a tenner on a drink and sandwich. Those purchases keep the economy going.

I’ll meet the economy halfway. If I am working from home I will recreate a coffee shop experience. I can make my own coffee, I can try to force myself to have a muffin too, and then throw seven quid away.

It feels like a moment where the people who tried to get us back into the office should admit they were wrong, but that never happens these days.

Politicians insist they were right before and they’re right now they’re saying the total opposite.

I don’t know why I’m so angry about working from home. I don’t have any work at the moment....

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