Comedian: 'Stand-up offers a chance to get into debt without a degree'

Manchester United Legends David Beckham applauds the fans after the legends match at Old Trafford, M

A university offered a degree module in football culture, which was coined David Beckham studies at the time - Credit: PA

We often hear of the older generations being scammed but what about the young?

A new report has looked into the university system in the UK and found some students are being ripped off by a tuition fee system that encourages what some call “Mickey Mouse degrees".

It didn’t matter when the degree course was free. All it really cost you was three years of your life at a time when a lot of people didn’t know what they wanted to do for the next three years.

It was better to spend those years studying a subject you’ll never use in real life as long as it kept you busy.

I went to university before tuition fees were brought in. These days, a student can find themselves with £30,000 of debt and a degree in Harry Potter.

Steve Allen.

Comedian Steve Allen - Credit: Steve Allen

The only way the system makes sense is if the degree you achieve will let you earn extra money in the rest of your life to pay for it.

A degree module in David Beckham studies might not help your earning potential much. Being David Beckham is well paid but that job is already taken by someone and if you can’t work out who, you won’t do well on that course.

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If you are interested in something, do it, you don’t need a degree in it.

At another university, you could do a degree in surf science and technology. What would be more fun than learning about how surfing works? I know, going surfing.

You can even get a degree in stand-up comedy now. As someone who does that for a living I am not sure if a degree is needed.

Trust me, if you start doing stand-up comedy for a living, you’ll still have plenty of chances to get into debt.