Teenager who saw woman killed by lorry in Dagenham speaks of her devastation

Masuma Mawji

Masuma Mawji - Credit: Archant

A teenage girl who saw a woman be hit and killed by a lorry has spoken of her devastation.

Annalise Stone with her mum Lee Linwood

Annalise Stone with her mum Lee Linwood - Credit: Archant

Annalise Stone, 17, was in Green Lane, Dagenham on Tuesday afternoon when she saw Masuma Mawji, 25, crossing the road.

Masuma was struck by a lorry

Masuma was struck by a lorry - Credit: Archant

She said: “I saw a lady on the crossing. She didn’t look that old but she walked as though she was old.

“I was watching her and I heard her scream. I looked and saw the lorry and she was lying there on the floor.”

“I thought she’d been hit but not killed. I saw blood.

“I ran to her. I was going to give her my jacket. But a man stopped me.

“He said she was dead.

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“I had a go at a woman for taking pictures.”

Annalise, of Stevens Road, Dagenham, added: “It was horrible. I’ve not been able to sleep.

“I had to be interviewed by the police.

“Me and my mum left flowers at the scene but apart from that, I’ve avoided going back there.”

The teenager, who has applied to study at Barking College, was planning to meet her mum Lee Linwood for an afternoon of shopping.

Lee, 53, said: “I took a couple of days off work to be with her [Annalise].

“She’s not been sleeping too well.”

She added: “The police at the scene were fantastic with her. They said no one should ever see this.

Masuma, who always walked with a crutch, often helped out at her family’s pharmacy Nuchem, in Green Lane.

Family friend Ray Mehta, who has worked with Masuma’s father for more than 30 years, said: “Masuma was very courageous and she was always out on her own despite her disability, which affected her legs.

“She always walked very slowly but she was always very careful and used the crossing. It was so sad how it happened, she was just out buying lunch.”

The family, who live in Hornchurch after moving from Dunkeld Road, Goodmayes, four years ago, are said to be “devastated”.

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