Can you spot the Christmas twists on this c2c departure board?

Passengers at West Ham and Fenchurch Street couldn't believe their eyes as they waited for c2c trains

Passengers in east London couldn't believe their eyes as they waited for c2c trains - Credit: Robert Wares

Passengers waiting for c2c trains have been surprised to find some festive twists on the departure board.

Commuters were forced to double-take after noticing their 6.50pm train to Southend Central included several unusual stops -  including "Sleigh on Sea" and "Tinselbury Town".

Eagle-eyed passenger Robert Wares spotted the Christmas-y line-up as he waited for his train at West Ham.

Included on the list were "Tinselbury Town", "Elf Tilbury", "Santaford le Hope" and "Sleigh on Sea".

Posting his find on Facebook, Robert wrote: "I was waiting for my train at West Ham and it took me a minute to realise Tinselbury town doesn’t actually exist…"

Another passenger spotted "Upmincepiester" listed as a stop on a Fenchurch Street departure board.

Someone commented on Facebook: "All of these sound completely plausible as names of British towns."

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Another wrote: "Love it, a bit of Christmas merrymaking."

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