UFO sighting in Dagenham?

Alien invasion? Note: generic UFO, not Nick Andrew's sighting.

Alien invasion? Note: generic UFO, not Nick Andrew's sighting. - Credit: Archant

A Dagenham man’s report of a UFO sighting has been picked up hundreds of miles away by a Canadian newspaper.

Nick Andrews says he was driving home from Lakeside when he noticed a “grey, triangular-shaped object flying approximately 40ft high”.

He wrote a testimony on the website UK UFO Sightings stating: “It was like something really light being blown forward by the wind. It was probably the size of a small car. The weirdest thing, though, was that it seemed to be manipulating the clouds and using them as cover.

“It would fly through a cloud and when it reappeared it would have part of this cloud encircling it.”

He says it lasted only 30 seconds and goes on to declare: “I’m convinced this was an alien craft, I can’t think of a logical explanation.”

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A news site called the Canadian National Newspaper picked up the story under the headline ‘UFO manipulates clouds over Dagenham’.

Many people have claimed to have witnessed UFOs in Dagenham over the years.

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In January 2011 there were two sightings; 88-year-old Ellen Cave reported seeing more than 50 mysterious lights passing through the sky while Catherine McGurk, 19, was suspicious of bright red and orange lights hovering in the night’s sky.

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