Pictures: Snow blankets Barking and Dagenham

Children have been taking advantage of the snow overnight in Barking and Dagenham to have some fun, while others have been trying to clear the white stuff off their cars so they can get moving.

Young Mia Bailey, four, took no notice of the cold as she jumped into the snow to make snow angels and a snowman.

Zoe Smith of Axe Street, Barking, sent in pictures of herself enjoying the snow with her son Taylor, seven, and her neighbour’s daughter Trinity, 10, covering her in snow. Her son Taylor also took advantage of the weather to get the sledge out.

In Dagenham, Elaine Ward from Huntings Road sent in a picture of her back garden covered in unmarked snow, and of her stepdaughter Susan Ward clearing the family car of the white stuff.

While many are having fun in the snow there are people who could be left more vulnerable by the weather. Writing on the Post’s Facebook page Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Bureau said: “As the weather is turning colder, if anyone knows of any vulnerable residents that may need any assistance please let us know at the Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Bureau either through Facebook or directly on 020 8532 7344.

“We are able to help with collecting emergency shopping, telephoning them daily to ensure they are fine, accessing warm bedding and other services that are being run by various groups across the borough to help vulnerable residents during the colder weather. Please remember your vulnerable neighbours in the next few days.”

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