Strong winds knock down 6ft wall outside Chadwell Heath home

A “terrifying” ordeal was experienced by a family as strong winds caused their home to shake and bring down a 6ft wall.

Lena Harbour of Eva Road, Chadwell Heath and her three children were in the house when the damage happened at around 8am this morning.

She said: “We thought there had been an explosion, the whole house was shaking and my daughter started crying.

“The front garden wall went first and we then heard an horrific sound and the back garden wall which runs around the whole perimeter had fallen too.

“It was terrifying. The wall was still intact in the middle of the street. The winds were just horrendous and it all happened in seconds.

“I was screaming and shouting, it felt like an earthquake. It was such a relief when I knew no one had been hurt. Thankfully all my children were still in the house because I said I would drive them to school due to the weather.”

Have you been affected by the strong winds? Email or call 020 8477 3778.