Q&A: My Barking and Dagenham - charity director Fatuma Edomi

PUBLISHED: 17:00 28 June 2019

Triangoals charity director Fatuma Edomi wants all domestic violence victims treated equally. Picture: JON KING

Triangoals charity director Fatuma Edomi wants all domestic violence victims treated equally. Picture: JON KING


Charity director Fatuma Edomi, who set up Barking-based Triangoals with fellow mum Jeorgina to provide young people with opportunities, speaks about her aspirations

What is your connection with the borough?

I have friends and connections with families in Barking and Dagenham.

What's the best thing about living or working in the borough?

The best thing is that we are one community, one borough. Bringing people of different backgrounds and religions together is the most amazing thing so being able to work in the borough and experience that makes it special and unique so I am proud of my borough.

What one thing would you change?

I would change racism while making sure we unite as one, love one another and avoid discrimination amongst each other. This will make our borough more special.

Use three words to describe the area

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My three words are diverse, cohesive and passionate.

Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met?

The most inspiring person I have ever met is Councillor Darren Rodwell. He has made this borough a better place to live in. He is an inspiration to many as they look up to him in all aspects. He makes things happen and he is a good listener. He always fits in and attends community events where he can. He socialises with the residents and listens to what they have to say so we are inspired by him and his character.

If you were prime minister, what law would you introduce?

My law would be that all domestic violence victims should be treated equally and supported either way without discrimination.

There shouldn't be restrictions on who to support especially those who have suffered severe domestic violence but have no status or citizenship in this country. Many women have suffered domestic violence who haven't been able to get help because they don't have a form of ID of indefinite leave to remain in this country - but they are suffering deeply.

If you were the editor of this paper what issues in the borough would you focus on?

Employment, health, support for the elderly, youth crime, affordable housing, the environment, education, mental health, neighbourhood safety, domestic violence and charities.

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