People from all across the UK came together to play a traditional south Asian sport in Barking.

Players came all the way to London from Manchester and Blackburn to get involved in the kabaddi game at Barking Park, Long Bridge Road on August 14.

According to the event's chief organiser, Muhammad Munir, kabaddi is a contact game which has two teams, each with between eight and 12 players.

Muhammad said: "It was important because for the last three years, due to Covid-19, we didn't play games like this.

"This event forced us to leave the house, be a part of society and to do something that's physically beneficial."

He encouraged young people to get involved: "It's a cultural game, it shows the younger generation that their parents used to play this game.

"We want them to learn about it in order to keep their culture alive."

Also in attendance were Blackburn with Darwen Borough councillors Zamir Khan, Mohammed Irfan, and Iftakhar Hussain.

Muhammad hopes this will become an annual event.